Wing Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream parlor! Shave ice is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you want a sundae, hot fudge creating rivulets of melting ice cream, topped with clouds of whipped cream and absolutely, definitely a cherry on top. Or a frosty milkshake thick enough to stand a spoon in, or an ice cream float, a creamy iceberg bobbing in something cold, sweet and fizzy.

That's why Wing Ice Cream Parlor in Chinatown is such a welcome sight. Not only does it make its own ice creams, it's also open late, softening the blow of Otto's departure. (In some ways, Wing is the ice cream version of Otto: wacky homemade flavors, spunky Chinatown startup, and owner Miller Royer is also a musician, performing as Brainplane.) 

The flavors we sampled: mango (made with local mangoes), lihing mango, carrot, orange dream, ube, rose and blueberry sherbet. All the flavors taste of real fruit (or in the case of rose, of flowers, maybe a little too much so), though the texture of Wing's ice cream runs a little icy.

Flavors keep multiplying—recently spotted: peach and coconut-ginger ice cream and summery strawberry-kiwi and strawberry-guava (vegan) sorbets.

Here's hoping the creativity and craft extend to the ho-hum fixings—at the moment, the sundae syrups, whipped cream and cookies for ice cream sandwiches are mass-market stuff inferior to the ice cream; for now, our sundae dreams are still on hold.

Wing Ice Cream Parlor, 1145 Maunakea St., Suite 4 (entrance on Pauahi St.), 536-4929,