Wiggin' Out

Photo: Cory Lum


It may be small, but Da Wig Shop is always bustling. The barbershop does everything— haircuts, cornrows, dreads and weaves. On a busy day master barber Stephen King (seen here with patron T.J. Villagomez) and crew do work on around 75 heads in the shop’s four chairs. “We get customers from the North Shore, Maui and Kauai,” says the owner, Duke—yes, just Duke. It’s not just a place to get your hair done, it’s a community hangout. “We know every customer’s name, where they’re from, their kids’ names,” he laughs. The shop even has a potty-mouth jar; the worse the word, the more you pay, the money given to kids for good grades. A condo development threatens to tear down the barbershop, but Duke hopes to relocate it and his adjacent business, Flava Clothing, across the street. 1735 Kalakaua Ave., 944-9321.