Whiskey and Beer Back, Wine and Swine


Whiskey and beer pairings at Real a Gastropub
On Tuesday, Real's got your back—your whiskey and beer back. No PBR's here, though—just like Real's food menu, everything lowbrow is getting a highbrow treatment. So instead, sample these whiskey and beer pairings:
– Crown Royal Special Reserve with an Ayinger Brau-Weisse, a German hefeweizen
– Johnnie Walker Gold with Birrificio Pausa Cafe Chicca, an Italian stout
– Bushmill's Honey Irish Whiskey with Oliver's Classic Perry, a pear cider
– Bulleit Rye Whiskey with Nøgne Ø & Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter
– Talisker 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky with Ridgeway Querkus Smoked Oaked Porter

$40, 5:30 p.m. at Real a Gastropub, 596-2526

Wine and Swine at Salt
Prefer food and wine pairings? (Or who says you have to choose? Real's event ends at 6:30, so you can do both events in one night!) Tuesday night is Salt's Wine and Swine dinner, which features pig prepared with culinary techniques from around the world. The courses:
– France vs. Italy
fromage de tete, rillette, prosciutto, soppresata

– Japan vs. Mexico
takoyaki, trotter, pork cheek huaraches

– Spain vs. South America
lengua estofada, almond-tomato romesco, fiambre, golden beets

– USA vs. Germany
corn dogs, smoked tater salad, bratwurst, saeurkraut

– Ireland vs. Switzerland
cold brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, bacon, Swiss swine truffles

$65, 6:30pm at Salt, 744-7567