Where to go for breakfast all day

Let’s face it, breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore. When I went to Chez Kenzo with my neighbors recently, we ordered the kim chee om-rice and sausages because we love breakfast for dinner. Which got me thinking: Where else can I get breakfast, any time of day? Not just one or two items, but a whole menu of breakfast items?

The Nonstop team came up with their favorite places for all-day breakfast, and I narrowed it down to 11. (I had to get that disclaimer in there before anyone says I “forgot” to name a place.) In the elimination process, I weeded out spots that are closed for dinner, because it wouldn’t be fair to the places that keep the griddle on, around the clock. Since Hawaii is a melting pot, I included a suggestion from Diane Seo for Korean breakfast, and from Mari Taketa for Vietnamese breakfast, in case you wanted something a little different.

Liliha Bakery

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News flash: If you grew up in Hawaii and don’t know by now, Liliha Bakery serves breakfast 24 hours a day. Pancakes, French toast, omelettes and loco moco round out the list, but you might want to go back to basics and just have eggs with Portuguese sausage and rice. Whatever you order, make sure to have the butter roll with “nuclear jelly.” (I’m sure the flavor is strawberry, but no one calls it that.) —Photo by Mari Taketa

Liliha Bakery
515 N Kuakini St.

Those are our top picks for breakfast, any time of day. What are your favorites?

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