Where real Koreans eat Korean food

Where do real Koreans eat Korean food?

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By Diane Seo

Where’s your favorite place for Korean food? It’s a question I’m frequently asked, and I’m sure other Koreans are queried about this too.

Despite the proliferation of Korean BBQ take-out on the island, most realize the offerings at these “meat jun plus four sides” eateries aren’t serving the most authentic Korean fare. So where do real Koreans eat? I was curious myself, so I asked seven fellow Koreans to rank their top 5 Korean restaurants in Honolulu and name their favorite dishes.

What I found from this very informal survey is that Koreans do frequent the same places and even order the same dishes, yet there are surprising wild card selections. So on to our lists… (Note: There’s no correct English spelling for Korean words, so Korean dishes often are spelled differently when translated to English.)