Where Japanese nationals eat Japanese food


IMG_4425No doubt, Japanese food is a staple here in Hawaii, and when we have a craving for sushi, tonkatsu or udon, there literally are hundreds of restaurants to consider. But where do Japanese nationals eat Japanese food? Are their preferences really different from the tastes of Japanese Americans and other locals?

We went on a quest to find out where those originally from Japan, but now living in the islands, dine when in the mood for Japanese. They told us about their go-to destinations and what they order, whether it’s comfort food, expertly prepared dishes or meals they remember loving back home.

Miho Yamanouchi

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Originally from Osaka, Miho Yamanouchi first moved to Hawaii in 2005. She then moved back and forth between Japan and the U.S, living in Hawaii for a total of six years. Yamanouchi loves to travel and try new, exciting food.


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