What Keeps Comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Anjelah Johnson Coming Back to Hawai‘i?

Besides Spam.


Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias has performed in Hawai‘i more than 10 times. His stand-up uniform is a bright, loud aloha shirt. And Anjelah Johnson loves the 50th State so much, she named one of her Hulu shows Mahalo and Goodnight—she even has a bit in which she asks a local for directions. What else, besides Spam, keeps them coming back?


HONOLULU Magazine: What’s the first thing you eat when you get here?

Anjelah Johnson: Spam and eggs from Eggs ’n Things. Or anywhere I can get kālua pork!


HM: Have you tried the usual outdoor activities here?

AJ: One time we kayaked out to the islands in Lanikai. It was beautiful and so fun! I typically don’t scuba or snorkel because I feel like I’m suffocating.


HM: Have you visited any local nail salons?

AJ: Not that I can remember. I usually get my nails done before coming so I’m looking on point out the gate!


HM: What gifts do you bring back from Hawai‘i?

AJ: Hawaiian Host dark chocolate macadamia, Hurricane Popcorn, Maui Babe Browning Lotion. But, let’s be honest—those are gifts I bring back for myself.


HM: What would your perfect day in Hawai‘i be?

AJ: I love to come to Hawai‘i for vacation and I have family here. A day at the beach with no rain or wind, then a cookout at Auntie Kathy’s house, who’s the mom of my friend, Tiffany Thurston, and back to the beach to watch the sunset.


HM: Where do you go to eat (and/or drink) when you get here?

Gabriel Iglesias: M.A.C. 24/7 for food—I order a Spam loco moco with extra Spam. From Germaine’s Lū‘au the Skittles cocktail, and the jungle juice concoction at the Local Spot. By the way, they have great Spam sandwiches.


HM: What gifts do you bring back from Hawai‘i for family and friends?

GI: Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, pineapples and flowers that die during the flight.


HM: What would your perfect day in Hawai‘i be?

GI: Driving around the island, stuffing my face and then letting someone else drive while we return to the other side of the island.


HM: What’s your favorite Hawaiian/pidgin saying?

GI: Shoots!


HM: Any funny fan moments?

GI: Got recognized inside an ABC Store by a hooker looking for Gatorade.


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