Welcome from our sponsor

Kane’ohe Ranch extends a warm aloha to the readers of HONOLULU Magazine, as this issue highlights the diverse facets of Kailua, where we manage more than 1,000 acres of land. The rich history, natural beauty, active lifestyle and country feel of this attractive town make Kailua one of the most talked-about communities on O’ahu’s Windward Side–an ideal place to live, work, play and visit.

In the past two years, we learned a great deal from residents on what matters most here. In a community survey and a series of planning meetings, Kailuans told us they wanted better walkways, more local retailers in an environment where they can be successful, and initiatives designed to protect and care for Kailua’s natural surroundings. This valuable input from the people who live here is directly reflected in the Kailua community renewal strategy we have developed, which we will begin implementing this year.

The renewal strategy includes new cross streets and sidewalks between Kailua Road, Hekili Street and Hamakua Drive, to make downtown Kailua more pedestrian-friendly, and to improve traffic flow. The design also provides more pedestrian paths to enhance safety as well as convenience.

To add to the rich diversity of Kailua’s business district, we have also signed leases with more than a dozen new retail, restaurant and recreational tenants. These include Island Glassworks, O’ahu’s only public-access glass-blowing studio; ‘Oiwi Ocean Gear, offering paddling apparel for ocean sports enthusiasts; and Lanikai Bath & Body, showcasing shower and bath products made in Hawai’i.

Residents made it clear they want to keep Kailua "Kailua," and that’s what we intend to do in our renewal strategy. To accomplish this, we will rejuvenate buildings or build new ones with that familiar country feeling. We understand how important this concept is to the people who call Kailua home.

It is the responsibility of Kane’ohe Ranch Management Ltd. to manage the lands in Kailua owned by the Castle family’s limited-liability companies and trusts and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, the largest Hawai’i-based private foundation. We work hard to care for this land in the spirit of Harold K.L. Castle, who, in the pre-World War II era, owned much of today’s Kane’ohe and Kailua. Kane’ohe Ranch shares Harold Castle’s vision of revitalizing the community in harmony with its natural surroundings. And in its 44 years, the Castle Foundation, whose main areas of focus today are education and near-shore marine resource conservation, has contributed more than $100 million to organizations in Hawai’i.

2006 promises to be a very exciting year, as we move forward with the Kailua community renewal strategy. We stand firm to honor what residents care about most in our vibrant community.