We Tried It: Keiki at Play

We attended a playgroup in Honolulu where kids can explore, and build confidence and social skills!


What:  A keiki playgroup in Honolulu

Who:  A first grader, a three-year-old and their mom

Where:  Nu‘uanu Valley Park

When: A Saturday morning at 10 a.m.


Keiki at Play in Nu‘uanu Park

Photo: Maria Kanai


I t’s easy to spot the bright purple “Keiki at Play” sign hanging on the giant monkeypod tree at Nu’uanu Valley Park. If you’ve been to this park before, you know which tree I’m talking about—it’s the one across from the parking lot with a huge low branch that kids can climb and play on.


Owner Angie Mosley is there to greet us—she’s wearing a shirt the same color as the sign. The grassy space by the tree is set up with five small tables and so many toys: slingshots, bottle rockets, a large inflatable, pogo sticks, skip balls, bubbles and a large connect four game. My two kids start playing while I chat with Mosley and her husband Jason. They started Keiki at Play in 2022, offering obstacle courses, art projects and science experiments. They also offer a free Pokemon Club on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. at the Aloha Card Shop.


Mosley has a background in paraprofessional education and has always enjoyed conducting fun experiments and sensory play with her own three children. When she and her husband moved to Hawai’i, they wanted to offer an opportunity for local keiki to play and engage together. The group’s activities include making a marble run, toothpick building, game days, painting, mentos and soda experiments, a book club and so much more.


Keiki at Play at Nuuanu Park

Photo: Maria Kanai


Today’s theme is slime! More families arrive and soon there’s a total of 12 kids, ranging from 3 to 14 years old. Mosley’s older children help out the younger keiki as they pour and measure glue. It’s messy, so kids receive aprons and some of them (including Noah) choose to wear safety glasses. We add a bit of coloring, too. The kids love it and I’m just so grateful that we’re doing this here, outdoors and not inside my house!


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After the colors are added, Mosley walks around and pours an activator into the glue. Both Anna and Noah realize pretty soon that it’s tricky to keep the mixture from getting too sticky. It takes a few tries, measuring and experimenting by adding just the right amount of activator so that it doesn’t stick to our hands. We also notice that mixing quickly and vigorously helps us get the slimy texture we want.


Keiki at Play - slime

Photo: Maria Kanai


Playing with slime at Keiki at Play

Photo: Maria Kanai


Next is everyone’s favorite part: adding glitter, tiny balls and gems. Mosley has a box full of goodies. Anna calls hers fairy slime, because of her yellow and pink pastel colors. Noah’s is all blue, with blue glitter and blue gems.


Playing with slime at Keiki at Play

Photo: Maria Kanai


After we’re done, the kids put their slime in Tupperware and Mosley passes out water and snacks. The keiki go back to playing with the toys around the park. What a relaxing and chill way to start the weekend!


Fun with Keiki at Play

Photo: Maria Kanai


Keiki at Play offers four session packages for $69.99 or $20 per session. The best way to sign up is to call 808-347-4040 or to email info@keikiatplay.com. Visit keikiatplay.com to see the schedule for the month.