We Play Would You Rather with Hawai‘i Designer Jana Lam at Her Honolulu Studio and Showroom

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Need to insert some color in your life? Two words: Jana Lam. Since 2010, the mom boss and designer has helped us live our most colorful lives with accessories that brighten our closets and homes. Totes and bags with rainbow-hued seashells or golden palms? Yes, please. Pillows with magically bright monsteras? Hellz yeah. Wrapping paper that might be cuter than the gift inside? Hmm, we have to think about that one. In any case, we’ve been fan-girling over this Punahou alum and her designs since the beginning. We assume you have been, too. So, this Saturday, Lam’s gifting HONOLULU Magazine IG followers an additional 10% off earth-friendly products including beach and shopper totes, snack packs and Wrappily wrapping paper, which are all already 20% off. Bam! You’re welcome.


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851 Pohukaina St., Suite C11, (808) 888-5044, janalam.com


Shoot Credits

Host: Stacey Makiya

Guest: Jana Lam 

Photography and Videography: Aaron K. Yoshino

Direction and Editing: Katie Kenny


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