Walk Through Your Future Home—From Your Couch

New Matterport technology is changing the way we see real estate online.
Living room
Photos: Courtesy of Matterport


They call it immersive 3-D. What it really feels like: Google Earth for a house you’re interested in, but not quite interested in enough to get off the couch to go see.


“Now, buyers can use a phone, tablet or computer to tour the interior of a home to really get a total understanding of the layout,” says Honolulu Creative Media’s Jamey Steiner, a local photographer, videographer and an official Matterport Service Partner. He also showed us how you can use Google Cardboard or a VR headset to look at the 3-D images and really feel like you’re in the home.



Want to know how it works? The Matterport Camera uses nine lenses in one camera. Set on a tripod, it spins 360 degrees to capture the room from its position. The images are then put together to create one image that actually feels like you’re walking through it.


It also creates “Dollhouse” images that give viewers an idea of the floorplan before they walk through. The technology is catching on, and is starting to pop up in MLS listings here and there.



Want to walk through a home on the Hawai‘i Prince Golf Course? Steiner offered us this example of this ‘Ewa Beach home at 91-1350 Kuano‘o St. Click here to check it out!