Viva Las Vegas 2013

As you know, I go to Las Vegas every year to escape the holidays. I always travel solo because I know that I’ll always see people that I know when I get there. For the last few years, I’ve been meeting up with Julie Yoneyama and her family, Traci Toguchi, and Ed Morita as he tries to outrun his (alleged) New Year’s Eve jinx. This year, my regular crew couldn’t make it, but I did get to meet up with Japanese blogger Ritsuko Kukonu (@Poohko_Hawaii) and her husband, Robert (@MrRobo2). So in the blogs about Vegas over the next few days, you’ll see them in my posts.

It’s a pretty quick trip this year, so I’m not driving out to Henderson or The M or Red Rock. I’ll probably be doing things that I’ve done on past trips, but will show you a few new things and share some tips. Here’s what we did on our first day:

Viva Las Vegas

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I’m back on my annual escape to Vegas, but slightly mellower this time without Julie Yoneyama or Ed Morita. Tourism in Sin City is actually down this year by about a half million people compared to last year.

You know that Secret Pizza place? Here’s a quick video on how to find it.

I’m actually a little late on these blogs as we haven’t had time to post since we got there. I guess I could blog when I get home at night, but I’m choosing between the blog, and gambling. Sorry, readers! The blackjack tables beckon to me.