VIDEO: Wildest ice cream in town

What went down in Kakaako last Saturday, you had to be there to understand. How one ice cream can taste like shrimp chips. How another tastes like the scent of banana. How Cap’n Crunch can exude fog. How fast whiskey ice cream can make you happy-dizzy.

Nearly 100 people paid $25 each to sample 16 to 19 first-time flavors at Ice Cream Bar&D, Honolulu’s first pop-up featuring experiments in ice creams and sorbets. The favorites? All over the place. Spicy watermelon and tomato with prosciutto were up there. So were garlic shrimp and hurricane popcorn. Cap’n Crunch, of course.

Mine? Harvey Slocombe, banana leaf, red curry carrot, spicy watermelon. And the funnest ice cream of all: the smoking-cold Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries.

If you missed this, don’t worry. With both sessions sold out, organizers are promising more to come: more pop-ups, featuring more dessert chefs, with even more flavor experiments — can you say chawanmushi?!