Vertically Challenged

Lei ChicStairmaster, treadmill, elliptical, repeat.  

Your New Year’s resolution to get fit really isn’t working out. Three weeks in and you’re already bored of anything that involves a rotating belt and you jiggling awkwardly in place.  

You’re looking for a, well, boulder workout option—one that will make you a stone cold fox.    

So head to the recently opened Volcanic Rock Gym in Waipio. The only indoor climbing space on Oahu, the facility boasts plenty of routes to scale that are suitable for both beginners and seasoned climbers.  Plus, they’ll teach any newbie how to belay, put on a harness and basic climbing techniques.   

And, though it’s obviously an upper body workout, gym owner Justin Ridgely swears that climbing is a full body sport.  Spending an hour scrambling all over their climbing walls and bouldering areas, and you’ll utilize leg, core, and upper body strength—resulting in more rock and less roll for your physique.   

Now that’s the kind of scale you can actually get into.  

Volcanic Rock Gym,94- 423 Ukee St., Waipio. For more info, call 808.397.0095 or click here.