Vegas lucky charms

Silly as it may sound, everyone who goes to Las Vegas with the intent of gambling has some kind of lucky charm. Or three. I’m busy packing all of my talismans to ensure I have a very lucky trip.

The one that’s stayed with me the longest is my silver kaeru ring, not just because it’s a frog, but because its mouth is open. Supposedly, the open-mouthed frog brings untold wealth to its owner, which is why I must keep going back to Nevada in search of the supposed untold wealth. I’m sure it will happen someday, right? Or maybe it’s because I need to figure out what the frog is not telling me in order to find it. In any case, I know it’s guaranteed because this legend based on local or Japanese folklore, and as you know, folklore is never wrong.

Two years ago, my cousin Celia gave me a pair of jade earrings. The green of the stone is supposed to attract the green of the cash. Green = green, get it? So no matter how badly the green jade clashes with whatever outfit I’m wearing, I wear the earrings to double the luck that my open-mouthed frog will bring me.

I have a box of cocktail napkins with one frog on one side, and three frogs on the other. When I’m gambling, I bust out a napkin and put it on the table. If my luck starts to change, I flip the napkin over. And so do my tablemates—all of whom I’ve shared froggy cocktail napkins with, in order to increase the luck on the table.

There is one piece of jewelry that worked in an opposite way for me, but in a good way: my antique dice bracelet (red dice pictured above). I was playing blackjack one night and my luck had turned. I knew that I should have just cut my losses and left, but like so many people, I stayed to see if I could chase it. As you know, blackjack is a passive game with little physical movement; but suddenly, my bracelet violently snapped, with all the dice flying everywhere. That was it for me: it was time to leave the table. I haven’t put the bracelet back together since, but I know it saved me from losing even more than I already was.

But, I digress. I’m thinking about adding new luck to my arsenal. Someone told me about lucky frog panties that I can get at craft fairs or at Longs. Have you seen these? Does anyone know if they work? Unlike the jade earrings, I don’t have to worry about them clashing with any outfit I wear, and I sure could use another piece of luck when I hit the tables this weekend. I noticed the embroidered frog has an open mouth, which—like my frog—will bring me untold wealth.

Do any of you have tried-and-true good luck charms for Las Vegas? If you have suggestions, post them here! Make sure they’re easy to pack, though.


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