Unique finds at LMS Boutique

Ready to Rare

Lei ChicYour cell phone beeps.

Your BFF: What R U wearing to the party 2nite?

You: IDK . BCBG?

Your BFF: 2 common.

You: I have DVF.

Your BFF: OMG. M2 !

You: W@ R we going 2 do? Ive no $$.

Your BFF: Did U try LMS?

You: W@?

Your BFF: LMS! Here’s the 411.

LMS Boutique (Let Me Shop) in Manoa is the latest venture by retail veteran Linda M. Sugihara. Her experience doing everything from buying to merchandising for stores such as the former L.A. Times in Pearlridge and her husband’s T&C Surf chain shows in her unique collection of ultra-chic clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Check out the hard-to-find items I picked up in my last visit to LMS.

Lei Chic Real statement pieces by Lenny & Eva – brass plaques stamped with a quote by everyone from Goethe to Marilyn Monroe can be hooked on to a wide leather cuff or a chain to wear as a pendant.

Lei Chic Sleek, silky, Jenny Han dresses – feminine details such as slit sleeves and tie waists create modern flare with touches of 30s glamour.

Lei Chic Sweet and sardonic Jenny & Jimbob necklaces – stashed inside colorful matchboxes you'll find pendants like a delicate cleaver entitled “serious cleavage” or a miniature light switch to prove you are “a major turn on”.

Lei Chic Upscale chic versions of streetwear, like this black-and-white draped tunic, from L.A.-based Funktional.

Lei Chic Completely reversible Naniwa bags are hand sewn on the Big Island from vintage kimono.

Lei Chic Modern designs take on an antique finish with Lotta Djossou Paris’s bold brass bird cuff.

Lei Chic Presh’s leather, rhinestone, or vintage ribbon pieces perfect for layering as a long necklace or wrapped into a multi-layer bracelet.

LMS Boutique is open on 2909 Lowrey Ave. (at the intersection with E. Manoa Road) Tues. – Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Take a look at some of their styles on LMS’s Facebook page or call 808.988.4575.