UH Football: Will We Ever Win Again?

Will we ever win again? That was the open-ended question we asked on the cover our September issue of HONOLULU Magazine, referring to UH’s underdog Rainbow Warrior Football team. Big losses in UH’s first three games (USC, 30-13; OSU, 33-14; Nevada, 31-9) seemed to offer a disheartening answer. But after a wildly exciting comeback against Fresno State on Saturday at Aloha Stadium, the outlook is suddenly brighter. Yeah, UH still lost—42-37—but, Man! What a way to go down! If only the clock had a little more time …

With everyone still abuzz over the game, this seems like the perfect time to get some answers.

Photo: Michael Keany


Photo: David Croxford

So, will we ever win again?

Chris Hart, co-host of The Sports Animal Radio Show, ESPN 1420: “One game’s too small a sample to figure out what’s going on, but if we can continue to get quarterback play like we saw Saturday, then we will win again. It’s a quarterback-based game nowadays.”

Lance Tominaga, web editor at ESPN 1420 and NBC Sports Radio AM 1500: “Can we win again consistently? I’m not sure if this particular coaching regime will be the one to do it. But certainly this past Saturday’s game bought them some additional time to prove themselves.”

Mike Cherry, sports anchor, Hawai’i News Now:
“Scoring 34 unanswered points is the sort of offensive outburst fans have been anticipating from a Norm Chow-run offense. With UH’s defense and special teams setting the tones early this season, and the ‘easier’ portion of Hawai‘i’s schedule coming up, any sort of offensive consistency should not only keep Hawai‘i in any game, but also snap their four-game losing streak.”


Did you catch the game? Post your answer below.