Two Ladies Kitchen Mochi in Honolulu

Mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen. Photo by David Croxford.

Girls' Day is coming up on March 3, and for the occasion, Shirokiya has brought in mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo. Six-piece boxes ($8.95) of various mochi, manju and chi chi dango are available from now until Sunday, March 2. Check out this story from Hawaii, our sister magazine, on a day in the Two Ladies' kitchen.

Unfortunately, Shirokiya couldn't bring in Two Ladies' famous mochi-wrapped strawberries (they're too perishable), but Shirokiya vendor Akimune-an offers their version of strawberry daifuku mochi, which resembles a mochi bao sandwiching a huge strawberry (it also kind of looks like the mochi is sticking its tongue out at you).

Of course, Honolulu has its own terrific mochi, too, including the almost century-old Nisshodo, Fujiya and newcomer Happy Hearts Mochi. Read more about them here.

Shirokiya,1450 Ala Moana Blvd.,973-9111