Tweetup: Dinner at Sashi in LA

I’m on my way back to Honolulu by way of Los Angeles! I come here so seldom and only have three days, so I’m trying to squeeze in some good eats and sightseeing in this short time. One of the best ways to facilitate that, of course, is to tweet up with people in the area.

One of my twitter friends, DK Mashino, spends half his time here, so I’m lucky that he is here at the same time and can show me around. Another longtime twitter friend, Jay Terauchi, has a lot of food contacts and suggestions, so he made some time not just to tweet up, but to get us a reservation at one of the hip restaurants in Manhattan Beach: Sashi.

I was intrigued by Sashi because its executive chef/partner is Makoto Okuwa, who worked under Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto at his Philadelphia and New York restaurants. (Remember, Morimoto’s Philadelphia restaurant was the scene of one of the best meals of my life, and his subsequent restaurants haven’t been able to deliver that same emotion.) Okuwa himself was a sous chef in 13 episodes of Iron Chef America before taking the competitor’s role himself against Michael Symon. Maybe Okuwa’s cuisine would reign supreme? I was about to find out. Just a quick apology, the area was dark so I had to use my flash when I took many of these photos.


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Sashi, one of the anchor tenants in Metlox Block, has become a destination restaurant in LA’s laid back Manhattan Beach area. Celebs and chefs have been seen frequenting this chic address, as well as the Lakers’ Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, and Sasha Vujacic.

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

The verdict: Although isn’t necessarily relevant, I’m still going to mention it because readers will want to know the overall value of the meal. The omakase at Sashi was the same price as omakase at Morimoto, about $110. More items at Sashi, however, were creative pieces that one would expect from an Iron Chef. The chawan mushi, abalone, and venison with foie gras all excited our palates enough to make us fall silent as we delicately snarfed our dishes, and evoke noises once we came up for air. I’m sure this would have been more emotional for me if I hadn’t been too tired to have some sake with it. Maybe next time!


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