Tweeting up with Chef Mavro

Fellow foodie (and Twitter friend) Jared Kuroiwa and I had talked about doing a tweetup at one of our favorite restaurants, Chef Mavro. But we thought it was just a pipe dream. After all, who else in the Twitterverse would be willing to splurge with us?

Well, recently, the stars aligned. Chef George “Mavro” Mavrothalassitis posted a shot of some Belgian macaroons he had made, which are now included in the complimentary petit four platter at the end of the meal. A Maui Twitter foodie friend, Shannon Wianecki, tweeted that she wanted to eat these when she visited Oahu. Jared & I thought her arrival was a good excuse to finally tweetup at Chef Mavro’s—where it would be less awkward with just me, him, and his girlfriend—and started to plan. Chef Mavro and his wife, Donna Jung, said they would do  a special fixed price menu for the tweetup.

Then nonstop Honolulu foodies Ed Morita and Mari Taketa said they wanted to go. More people heard about our plans, and in just two days, we were floored to find 16 people tweeting up to splurge with us. We were floored again when we arrived at the restaurant to find the crazy/fabulous tasting menu that Chef Mavro had created for us. We had such an awesome time that I have to show you what we ate. By the way, I was so excited, I forgot to bring my camera, so these were all done by Ed.

Chilled tomato soup to start

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This tomato soup was served with parmesan ice cream and a crisped basil leaf. Squeal!