Tweeting up at Blue Hawaii Lifestyle

As you may know, I’m heavily into using social media. I believe in it for building brands, promoting businesses, doubling readership, and… well, just connecting people. They don’t call it “social networking” for nothing, and when used right, brings people together faster than regular contacts.

I always tell people in social media workshops that they can exist and be active online — even have large followings — but none of that matters if they don’t take that existence into the offline world. Whether you’re a business or an online citizen, it’s important to enhance your social networking by showing up (and being nice) at real-life events.

One of my clients, Michael Zhang at Blue Hawaii Lifestyle (@BlueHILifestyle), loves how social media works, whether he’s meeting new people, testing new products or just having fun with promotions. Whenever we have tweetups at his store, there’s a big turnout, and we end up with a lot of people who are only meeting each other for the first time, in real life. Last night, we had a lot of people who were at their first tweetup, as well.

Tweetup at Blue Hawaii Lifestyle

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@ReCreateHI, @TraciToguchi, @MitsuiInsurance

As you can see, we sampled new menu items, gave away random prizes, and mingled with new tweeps. Michael was stoked to have met so many new people since the last tweetup, and can’t wait to host his next one.

What are some of the best tweetups you’ve attended?