'Twas a Bite Before Christmas

Fashionably late? That's your life.

We spotted you trying to pass off pajama pants as work wear because you forgot to pick your dry cleaning – a month ago. We noted that five-minute face you created out of makeup samples -you MEANT to refill your compact last week. But we draw the line at that instant saimin in the microwave right now (we know, we know, grocery shopping is still on the to-do list).

Just because you move slow isn’t an excuse to fast during this delicious season.

We asked HONOLULU Magazine Food and Culture Editor Martha Cheng for her picks of holiday eats you’ll want to get now, before they’re gone.

Lei Chic Christmas Stollen
The Plumeria Beach House, Kahala Hotel and Resort

A dense, moist cake studded with dried fruit soaked in rum, wrapped around a bit of marzipan, then dusted in sugar. With cinnamon and clove and every spice nice: what the holidays should taste like.
$15. Available to go until December 31. Call 808.739.8760 to order.

Lei Chic Reindeer Sausage
Hank’s Haute Dogs, 324 Coral St.

Proving you don’t have to be named Rudolph to know reindeer, Hank's tops an Alaskan-imported caribou-and-beef sausage with mayo, golden mustard, red ketchup, green relish, snowy white onions for a smoky bite that's like a cross between a hot dog and salami.
Available starting today at the Coral Street location. Call 808.532.4265.

Lei Chic Matcha and Cranberry mochi
Peace Café, 2239 S. King St. #C

Chewy green matcha mochi sprinkled with cranberries that burst with holiday brightness.
$2.25 when offered. Call 808.951.7555 for more information.

Lei Chic Chestnuts
Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? No one wants to handle more heat in the kitchen, not to mention the added pain of peeling the nuts. Get them roasted and deshelled at the Meika Plaza.

Town, 3435 Waialae Ave. #104

An Italian favorite: fluffy bread with dried fruit that you’ll want to bring home for the holidays and pray the kitchen has leftovers for Panettone bread pudding.
Call 808.735.5900 for more information.

Lei Chic Santa’s Private Reserve Ale
Rogue Brewery

You’ll be extra hoppy sipping this brew with dark brown bread undertones, making it perfect to pair with a spicy, salty holiday meal.
Available at various stores including Whole Foods and Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors.

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