Toes on the Pose

Lei Chic LC: Is there a problem?

ATF Officer: Are you aware of HRS 134-9?

LC: I have a license to bear arms.

ATF Officer: But those floppy triceps you're packing are federally offensive. It wouldn't be so bad if you concealed them under baggy sweaters. In that tank top, we have no choice but to charge you with using a flabby arm in the commission of a fashion crime.

LC: Officer I didn't know! I mean, the holidays are so tough! I didn't have time and there was that cookie stash that kept growing.

ATF Officer: I can see from that toned photo on your driver's license that you're a first time offender. So I'm going to give you a break IF you sign up for the Kahala Hotel & Resort's Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Class.

The new workout combines the soothing but strengthening benefits of yoga with the stabilizing moves needed to balance a board in the warm waters of East Oahu. Instructor Matt Meko created the unique program of challenging and sometimes intense poses that target every part of your body.

Get a leg up on your weekend Saturday mornings or catch the sunset during the early Tuesday evening sessions.

And there's no need for a probationary period. At $25 a class, you won't be tempted to bail.

LC: Well that's a thigh of relief.

Stand Up Paddleboarding classes are 10 a.m. Saturdays and 4 p.m. Tuesdays beachfront at The Kahala Hotel & Resort. Reservations are required, call 808.739.8940.