Tidepool Love’s Mermaid Whispers Collection

Fintastic bracelets, rings and necklaces come in precious gold or silver.


You’ve got gadgets and bracelets aplenty. You’ve got earrings and whatzits galore. You want thingama-necklaces? You’ve got 20! But who cares? No big deal. You want more.


Your jewelry box used to make you flip for joy. Nowadays, however, that grotto of baubles is feeling like one big collection of flotsam and jetsam. We’d trade our voices (gorgeous singing pipes and all) for some new treasures.


Don’t even think about making a pact with a seawitch. Just check out Tidepool Love’s upcoming 2015 lines, including the Mermaid Whispers collection. This geometric line features a series of scale-inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces in gold vermeil and sterling silver. Curvaceous, draping earrings give a subtle nod to the graceful tail of the mermaid, while fun, chunky cuffs make a bolder statement that you’ll definitely want as part of your world. And what would a mermaid collection be without Tahitian pearls?


In 2014, owner Jen Sarsuelo’s sister, Tudi Galera, joined the Tidepool Love team. With backgrounds in fashion and jewelry design, the two are a storm of creativity, crafting three new collections for this year. Underwater Current sports marine flora and fauna: serpentine seaweed strands, coral and even a mischievous octopus. The more playful Sweet and Sandy Kisses collection features pineapples and sunrise shells with a dolphin popping up here and there.


While some pieces are currently available in stores, the entire collections will be released in time for Valentine’s Day, so you won’t have to flounder around with those so-last-year accessories much longer. 


Still, though, stay on your toes—you’ll want to get your Hans on these ASAP.


Available in February at retailers across O'ahu, including Riches, Kāhala Mall, 737-3303, and Nā Mea Hawai'i, Ward Village Shops, 596-8885. Also available online at tidepoolhawaii.com.