Three Juice Cleanses for the New Year

Check out these top spots to get your juice cleanse on after all the holiday gluttony.
Juice at Blue Tree Cafe
Juices at Blue Tree Café.
Photo: David Croxford

It’s been a fruitful holiday season—but light on the fruit. If you’re looking for a fresh start to the new year, here are three juice cleanses we recommend to get you back on a healthy track:


Blue Tree Café

Choose from a three-, five-, seven- or even ten-plus-day cleanse at Blue Tree Café, our Best of Honolulu winner for Best Juice Bar in 2014. We tried a beginner’s five-day cleanse, which, while torturous (as anything that keeps us from food is), made us feel great in the end. Go for a beginner’s three-day Renew cleanse if you’re looking for a well-rounded introduction to cleansing with a lot of options. You can also customize your program with up to two free changes ($10 per day for additional changes). $45.99 per day plus $50 bottle deposit, at least 24 hours’ notice required, 1009 Kapi‘olani Blvd., 591-2033,


Extract Juice Bar

If you work downtown, Extract is the most convenient place to detox. Go for a three-, five- or seven-day program to really clean out all those holiday binge-eating sessions. Each day’s cleanse comes with five fresh-pressed juices, detox tea and snacks adding up to about 1,200 calories. It’s a raw food cleanse meant to rid your body of animal fats, processed foods and other unhealthy choices you’ve recently made (like that bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve), so you can still eat fruit, nuts or even ‘ahi if you feel hungry (just stay away from all the spicy mayo). The juices in the cleanse are more concentrated than the ones regularly available at the juice bar, so they’re not as sweet, but they pack double the veggies and health benefits. Right now the cleanses are on sale for $100, $200 and $300 (for three, five and seven days, respectively)—quite the deal compared to normally pricey programs. And the best part? You can pay for a cleanse now and schedule it for the future, even after the sale has ended. At least 24 hours’ notice required, 1001 Bishop St., Suite 103, 312-3263.


Lanikai Juice

For a shorter cleanse, try Lanikai Juice’s Wiki Wiki Juice Cleanse, a one-, two- or three-day program that comprises six drinks a day: cold-pressed, seasonal fruit and vegetable juices as well as nut milk. For novices, cleanses cost $51, $99 and $144, with more advanced cleanses at $54, $105 and $153. After reserving your cleanse, pick it up on either Tuesday or Thursday evening at your local Lanikai Juice and you’re all set—the fresh juices should last up to 72 hours. At least 48 hours’ notice required, multiple locations, 262-2378,


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