This little piggy went to DK Restaurants

Clockwise from top left: pork duo, pork osso bucco, pork and beans, pork ravioli (all from DK Steak House). Photos courtesy of DK Restaurants.

Three chefs from DK Kodama’s restaurants—Sansei, DK Steakhouse and Vino—have gone whole hog, purchasing an entire pig from Shinsato Hog Farm, one of Oahu’s last pig farms, and the only one with a USDA-certified slaughterhouse. The chefs have divvied up the parts, and for select nights in September, each chef will offer his own porcine dishes, all available a la carte.

At Vino, September 19, 20 and 26, Keith Endo will prepare:
– Crispy pig torchon with black Mission fig mustard
– Shinsato cassoulet with garlic fennel sausage, pork shoulder confit, house cured pancetta
– Housemade cavatelli with pork and Big Island red veal ragu and housemade ricotta

More details on Vino's Shinsato specials:

Some of the pork specials at Sansei, September 18-20, 25-27:
– Kona kampachi nigiri with Shinsato pork lardo
– Kalua pig maki roll
– Braised pork ramen
– Portuguese bean cassoulet
– Malassada with house made bacon

More details on Sansei's Shinsato specials:

A selection of pork dishes at DK Steak House, September 18-20, 25-27:
– Crispy Shinsato Farm pig ear and grilled pepeau mushroom salad
– Pork and Big Island red veal saltimbocca sausage stuffed ravioli
– “Jerked” pork chops with plantains
– Milk-braised pork shoulder and beans
– Pork osso bucco

More details on DK Steak House's specials: