The Top 5 Whiskey Drinks to Order at ELEVEN

(Sponsored) Corporate beverage manager Hailey Berkey shares her favorite ways to enjoy the iconic spirit.


Eleven Whiskey Cocktails

Photo: Marisa Heung


ELEVEN at Foodland Farms Ala Moana Center serves more than great cocktails. It also has an excellent whiskey menu, featuring more than 90 different types distilled everywhere from Taiwan to Kentucky. Plus, choose from 13 ways to have your whiskey prepared—neat, Old Fashioned, smoked, Highball and so many more—to create your perfect drink.


With so many options, where to start? Who better to ask for drink recs than Hailey Berkey, past owner of The Nook Neighborhood Bistro and current corporate beverage manager of the Sullivan Family of Companies. Here, she shares five of her favorite whiskey drinks to order at ELEVEN.


Eleven Hey Day


HB: Hey Day made with Whiskey Row, which is a pre-prohibitions-style bourbon blended from small-batch barrels. Our house infusion of charred corn husks and burnt orange peels compliments notes of kettle corn and grass in the whiskey. The infused whiskey is stirred with a yerba-maté and dark brown sugar syrup that adds earthy flavors and balances the cocktail with a subtle sweetness. Lastly, Hey Day is smoked with barley tea, giving a toasted finish that makes this cocktail a crowd-pleasing showstopper!


Eleven Julep


HB: Julep with Angel’s Envy Rye, a spicy and earthy rye finished in Caribbean rum casks. The subtle sweetness of the rum finish makes a perfect pair with fresh mint!


Eleven La Louisiane


HB: La Louisiane with Minor Case Rye. Minor Case straight rye is finished in cream sherry casks. It has earthy butterscotch notes that perfectly complement the sweetness of an excellent rosso vermouth and Benedictine.


Eleven Rusty Nail


HB: Rusty Nail with Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie. This Scottish barley whiskey is a delicious unpeated island single malt while at the same time being a certified B-corp! Drambuie, a scotch whiskey-based liqueur made with honey, herbs, orange peel and baking spices, is balanced by the Bruichladdich’s smokey, creamy and salty palate.


Eleven Sour


HB: Whiskey Sour with Larceny Barrel Proof. Great spirits make great cocktails. Shaking with fresh lemon juice, a bit of sugar, and egg whites brings down the ABV just enough to allow the notes of molasses, fig and hazelnut of the whiskey to shine through. Larceny Barrel proof won Whisky Advocate’s Whiskey of the Year in 2020 and it makes a delicious sour.


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