The Top 5 Things You Should Know About Foodland’s Revamped Maika‘i Program

(Sponsored) Kama‘āina rejoice! The new loyalty program rewards shoppers with more bang for your buck.


Foodland New Maikai Program

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


When Foodland launched its Maika‘i program in 1995, it was the first supermarket loyalty program to exist in Hawai‘i. Since then, we’ve loved getting special automatic discounts on products every time we punched in our phone number, and those My Rewards certificate freebies even more.


With Foodland’s revamped program, which launched May 9, those My Rewards certificates will soon be a thing of the past. Sad? You shouldn’t be, because the new Maika‘i program pays shoppers back in an even bigger and better way. Here’s what you need to know.


1. More Rewards


Foodland Maikai Program More Rewards

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland



You’ll still earn one point for every dollar you spend. But now, instead of receiving a reward certificate every time you hit 250 points, Foodland’s revamped program lets you cash in faster and have more rewards to choose from. Rewards start at 100 points, which can be exchanged for a free Maika‘i brand product of the month. Other rewards include Foodland gift cards, HawaiianMiles, a discount on your groceries or free delivery. The best part: You get to choose when, and how, to spend your hard-earned points!


  • 100 Maika‘i points = FREE Maika‘i Product of the Month
  • 250 Maika‘i points = 5% off groceries, $5 Foodland gift card, free or specially priced products, 200 HawaiianMiles or free grocery delivery from select stores
  • 500 Maika‘i points = 10% off groceries
  • 1,000 Maika‘i points = 1,000 HawaiianMiles or $25 Foodland gift card


2. More Savings


Foodland Maikai Program More Savings

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland



With the new Maika‘i program, you’ll start receiving exclusive savings on products you love. These offers will be sent to you via email and SMS, so you’ll always know which of your favorite items are currently eligible.


3. More Convenience


Foodland Maikai Program More Convenient

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland



Here’s a big one: The Maika‘i program is now paperless! Simply redeem your Maika‘i points for rewards at checkout at any time. Your cashier can also share your Maika‘i point balance, and it’s printed on your receipt, too. To keep track of your points, use the free Foodland app, available for iOS or Android. You can also find out about current Maika‘i specials and promotions through your Foodland app, or in the new Maika‘i membership email newsletter, before you head to the store.


4. Yes, Your My Rewards Certificates Are Still Valid (For Now)

Have a bunch of those printed coupons at home? Don’t worry, you can still redeem them through June 30. Even expired certificates (if the expiration date is within two years) can still be redeemed, though only one expired certificate will be accepted per day.


5. How to Re-Enroll


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You’ll need to re-enroll to take advantage of Foodland’s new program and redeem new rewards. First, make sure you have your Maika‘i member number, which can be found on your Foodland receipt or old Maika‘i keychain tag.


Once you have your member number, visit and fill in your information. Try to re-enroll as soon as you can, because if you re-enroll by July 31, you’ll automatically get a $5 Foodland gift card or 200 HawaiianMiles! If you any have trouble re-enrolling, call (808) 735-7229 or click here to send the Maika‘i department a message. Foodland is committed to providing members with service that’s maika‘i, but, due to overwhelming popularity, please allow the Maika‘i department additional time in getting back you.


For more information on the new Maika‘i program, visit or click here for FAQs about Maika‘i membership.