The Thigh's the Limit

Lei Chic
You: Wow, when did cottage cheese take up residence in my thighs? I really need to start exercising again.

Thighs: Wait, we thought you and the gym were splitsville? You know, after that time you couldn’t figure out how to use any of the machines while all of the uber muscley-men watched in amusement? Are you guys trying to work it out?

You: No, we just weren't a good fit. But I heard there’s a new workout space open in Kaneohe called Mana Fitness Studio that specializes in fun, upbeat group classes — sans the mystifying machines and protein-shake-laden beefcakes. Lei ChicIt's owned by local trainers Laura Hilsabeck and Gina Hopper who are certified Les Mills class teachers.

Thighs: Les what?

You: Developed in New Zealand, Les Mills classes are fun, high-energy hour-long workouts centered around great music. Right now the studio is offering a Body Combat class that uses elements of kick-boxing, a Body Attack workout which is an all-out cardio sweat-fest, and a Body Pump class which uses barbells to build muscle while burning some serious calories. The best part is that the moves are relatively simple so you don’t have to worry about being the one in the back who’s two moves behind.

Thighs: Wow, it sounds like just what we need to get a leg up on this cellulite situation.

Mana Fitness Studio, 46-174 Kahuhipa St. Unit G, Kaneohe. 817.239.3908. For more info click here.