The real reason behind Fishcake's big fixture sale

Piece of 'Cake'

Fishcake's fixture sale
Fishcake isn't going anywhere, though, for $800, this metal mobile ladder could.

Fixture sales are often a sign that a store is about to move or close. For the record, Fishcake wants you to know it isn't going anywhere.

When the Kakaako shop announced its store-wide fixture sale earlier this week, it fielded so many phone calls, a second notice had to be issued (it was titled "not-going-out-of-business sale"). So, what gives?

While Fishcake isn't closing, major changes are in the works, starting with an overhaul of the main showroom. Permanent pop-ups, a.k.a. "squatters," like Hound and Quail, Vintage Rose, and P55dle, will move out front and meeting space cleared for Fishcake Works, its new interior design, graphics and branding business. In the back studio, expect more workshops and seminars on cool topics like pinhole photography. Then, toward the end of the year…

Oops. We can't divulge that last part just yet. (Just trust us, it's awesome.)

In the meantime, you can scoop up uber-cool fixtures and accessories – some of which are for sale for the first time ever. Like custom shelving units or a formerly display-only 7-Up crate. Or an amazing metal ladder and Downton Abbey-esque pantry. And really, how can you resist a set of ornate wooden candlesticks or finials when they're 15 bucks a pop, or sleek ceramic canisters filled with aromatic local teas for $3.50 each?

Just don't actually drink the tea. That's risky business.

View more sale items on our Facebook page. Fishcake is located at 307c Kamani St. For more information, call (808) 593-1231 or email

Fishcake's fixture sale
Custom wooden shelves, $250 each.

Fishcake's fixture sale
Sunburst mirror, $600, Jonathan Adler Ventana mirror, $600, window frame mirror, $35.

Fishcake's fixture sale
'7-Up' crate, $95, and woven basket trunk, $360.