The making of Estria’s ‘Water Writes’ mural

If creating the huge, beautifully detailed mural that now graces Honolulu Community College was a collaborative effort between legendary Oakland-by-way-of-Kaimuki graffiti artist Estria and local artists from 808 Urban, so was gathering footage and covering the making of the biggest mural in Hawaii. In all, you’ll find photos from four people at different points in the mural’s progress in this gallery; Nonstop’s Melissa Chang, Ed Morita and Tracy Chan, as well as guest photographer Ricky Li.

The artists didn’t want us to post too much about it while they were working, but the best time to check out the completed work in all its impressive splendor will be at next Thursday’s unveiling ceremony, on Thursday, July 7 at 4 p.m.

Follow the mural’s progress in photos:

The making of Estria’s ‘Water Writes’ mural

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Ricky stopped by the mural on June 10 to check it out shortly after the artists began sketching.

Photo by Ricky Li


Check out Tracy’s video interview with Estria and John Prime, the leader of 808 Urban: