The Honolulu Police Department Spreads Aloha With the Lip Sync Challenge

Check out the Honolulu Police Department’s take on the lip sync challenge that includes hula, fire dancing, lion dancing, drumming, confused tourists and Chinatown neighbors.


Yes, there's an ode to the fictional Hawai‘i Five-0 but the broader message comes from the song they adopted for the video: “Spread A Little Aloha” by Mana‘o Company. With appearances by police on foot, on bike, riding ATVs and even drumming and break dancing, the video showcases a range of people from HPD—from officers who do the grittiest jobs to the civilian workers. It’s also fun to see chief Susan Ballard among those showing a human side of the force (watch for her shaka cameo in the very beginning). 


Though most of us O‘ahu residents will probably have the most fun trying to spot the folks we know.