The Hawaiian Survival Handbook, by Brother Noland

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“Before we had Costco, we had the outdoors,” says Hawaiian musician Brother Noland, who also happens to be a tracker and outdoorsman. Everything we need we can find in the wild, he says, and to give you a taste, he’s just come out with The Hawaiian Survival Handbook. It sketches out techniques such as how to forage Hawai‘i’s shoreline and how to catch and field dress a chicken. And then, because you’ll have hunted and gathered so much from the outdoors, there’s a section on how to poop in the woods … or if things go south, how to treat diarrhea, Hawaiian-style.

Not quite ready to hunt wild pig or harvest your own wana? Then join Brother Noland’s Survivaloha Pā‘ina at Highway Inn Kaka‘ako, which will feature deer hunted by Brother Noland as well as fish and other food gathered from the wild. There will, of course, be music, by Brother Noland and guests Henry Kapono, John Cruz and Raiatea Helm.

$65 advance/$75 at the door, September 23 at 5:30 p.m., buy tickets at or at Highway Inn Kaka‘ako.
Ticket price includes
The Hawaiian Survival Handbook.
Just looking for the book? Find it at online bookstores and here