The Hawai‘i Writers Almanac 2019

A companion to our feature “The Hawai‘i Writer’s Life,” this compendium of writers, platforms, resources and more intends to map out our literary communities and individuals. It’s just getting started, but we hope it will grow to help them, and you, find each other, scheme together and maybe get some writing done.

For now, the Almanac is limited to the resources, people and platforms related to creative writing, not journalism, political commentary or public relations.


Our aim is inclusivity, but this is just a start—a first edition, if you will—encompassing people and resources that we consulted for our August 2019 article, “A Writer’s Life.” But our hope is to add to it as time and willpower allow; as with most things to do with the arts, it’s a labor of love.


“Look, books are doing fine on the Mainland. U.S. print book sales have gone up two percent a year since the 2009 crash. They’re actually healthier than e-books, like Kindle, where sales have plateaued. Nationally, independent bookstores are doing very well.”

– Bennett Hymer, publisher, Mutual Publishing


If you’d like someone to be included, or want to contribute, please email us at We can’t make any promises, but we’ll take a look. All entries accepted will be subject to editing for length, AP style and content.


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