The 10 Best Gifts for the Ultimate “Star Wars” Fan on Your Christmas List

“Star Wars” fans around the world will be celebrating the release of the new movie, “The Force Awakens” this week. You don’t need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find the perfect present for the “Star Wars” geek on your Christmas list. In no particular order, here’s your guide to the best “Star Wars” gifts around Honolulu.

1. Star Wars Shoes, 2. Star Wars Socks 

Photo: Diane Lee 


Take a stroll on the dark side with these Star Wars-themed shoes from Sketchers. Guys can choose between sneakers printed with the original Star Wars poster art or the Star Wars logo. There are almost a dozen different shoes for the boys, but they won’t be able to resist the fun Darth Vader sneakers that light up when stomping like a stormtrooper.


Complete your look with Star Wars-themed socks from T&C Surf Designs nearby. 

$60 adult size, $50+ kid size, Sketchers, Ala Moana Center, level 3 ‘Ewa Wing, 941-0660. 
$20 socks, T&C Surf Designs, Ala Moana Center, level 3 ‘Ewa Wing, 973-5199 or Pearlridge, 206 Uptown
, 483-5499.



3. Star Wars Shirts 


Wear your Star Wars pride with these T-shirts from the new movie. There’s a black shirt of bad guy Kylo Ren for adults and a cute grey shirt of the droid BB-8 for kids.

$16.95 adult size, $13.95 children size, Novel-T World, Ward Village Shops, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., 596-8057.



4. Star Wars Jacket 


The force is strong with this comfy Darth Vader hoodie. This pullover will make you look as mysterious as the Sith Lord himself.

$65.95, Disney Store, Ala Moana Center, level 2 ‘Ewa Wing, 957-0050.



5. Star Wars Dress, 6. Star Wars Clutch 

Photo: Diane Lee 


Ladies, stop by Hot Topic if you’re looking to cosplay. You’ll be the talk of the party in a super cute BB-8, R2D2 or Darth Vader dress. Top off your outfit with an R2D2, Stormtrooper or Darth Vader clutch from the Claire’s nearby.

$34.50–$38.50 dress, Hot Topic, Ala Moana Center, level 3 ‘Ewa Wing, 941-0483 or Pearlridge, 416 Downtown, 487-3135.
$24.50 clutch, Claire’s Accessories, Ala Moana Center, level 3 ‘Ewa Wing, 946-4199 or Pearlridge, 242 Uptown, 484-1474.



7. Star Wars Hat 


Lids has seven different Star Wars snapback caps. But our favorite hat isn’t a snapback, it’s a glow-in-the-dark knit beanie with the golden Star Wars logo. This beanie will keep you from getting lost in the dark (side).

Lids, Ala Moana Center, level 3 ‘Ewa Wing, 941-6878 or Pearlridge, 437 Downtown, 488-3782.



8. Star Wars Kitchen Gear 


Unexpectedly, Bed Bath & Beyond has one of the largest selections of Star Wars memorabilia in town. We’re a big fan of the R2D2 measuring cup set and the black toaster molded in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. May the force be with you in the kitchen.

$19.99 measuring cup set, $49.99 toaster, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ward Village, 593-8161.



9. Star Wars Toy


Why settle for a plain Darth Vader toy when you’ve got a Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater? Just like in the movies, you’ll get to resurrect the beloved Star Wars villain from bits and pieces.

$23.99, Animation Magic, Ala Moana Center, level 3 Macy’s Wing, 949-2525 or Pearlridge, 406 Downtown, 486-9000.



10. Star Wars Robot 

R2D2 is so 1977. BB-8 is the droid you’re looking for. Brookstone restocked its shelves recently with this popular robotic toy after selling out. It’s no wonder why. You can control this cool robot with your smartphone or tablet. BB-8 listens and responds to your voice commands, and even lets you record and view holographic videos.

$149.99, Brookstone, Ward Village.