Thanks for Reading Biting Commentary

Dawn Sakamoto
Biting Commentary has been a lot of fun, like cooking with Alan Wong, despite the fact I cut myself slicing tomatoes.

I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been reading Biting Commentary.

Today is the last day I will be contributing to this blog on a regular basis.

Don’t worry.  Honolulu’s most reliable restaurant blog will continue in capable hands.

More than one pair of hands, actually. 

Expect posts from Lesa Griffith, who filled in wonderfully when I was on vacation last May.  See her latest Restaurant Guide article that set off controversy all over Yelp, 9 Things Hawaii Chefs Wished You Knew.

And posts from Martha Cheng, who often writes on food for HONOLULU Magazine. If you’d like to know what Hawaii chefs really eat, see Cheng’s latest Restaurant Guide feature, Hawaii Restaurant Chefs Recommend.

I will be making occasional guest appearances on the Biting Commentary blog, and will continue as HONOLULU Magazine’s contributing editor for dining, writing the magazine’s monthly dining column.  See my Restaurant Guide feature, Whiskey’s Back: One Night on the Whiskey Trail with Hawaii’s Best Bartenders.

Otherwise, you can find me at Hawaii Pacific University where I will be teaching journalism, new media and other courses in the Communications Department.

I like teaching, I like the students, I like HPU and I’m looking forward to being part of a journalism program that will prep students for a world of communications that is transforming itself almost daily. 

Our appetite for news, whether of the world or of our friends, is increasing, not diminishing.  Still, how we will get that news seems more up in the air than ever.

One thing remains certain, however.  The Biting Commentary blog will remain the place to come for the best dining coverage in Hawaii.