TaskPaper: Simple to-do list on sale in the Mac App Store

In the world of GTD or productivity applications, there are a plethora of solutions to choose. If you’re a “just give me basics” person, you may want to give TaskPaper for OS X a closer look. Normally a $29.99 application, this wonderful minimalist task manager is currently on sale in the Mac App Store for $4.99 until Friday, April 8.

TaskPaper is by far the closest thing to using a real pen and paper for creating lists. The minimalist approach is easy to use and totally keyboard driven. This allows the user to fly through list creation so fast you may actually have time to get things done. Although this text editor-based application seems simple on the surface, it’s very powerful and robust. The application power is in its simplicity with a few keyboard shortcuts, most users will take less than a day to have this application mastered.

If you’re a iPhone or iPad user, TaskPaper is available for both mobile devices with simple sync services to connect your lists.

Hardcore “GTDers” and “Task Masters” may find TaskPaper a little too limiting. Even, Hog Bay Software, the developers of TaskPaper, will recommend you try OmniFocus or Things if you need a more powerful solution. TaskPaper is definitely worth a look, so get it now while it’s on sale.