Target Kailua: 7 Things We’ve Got Our Shopping Sights On

The new Target location opens at 8 a.m. tomorrow.
Photo: David Croxford


The Kailua Target store is a titillating T-minus-one day away from opening (eek!). And lucky us: Bullseye the adorable mascot let us sneak our snout into his new digs and sniff out some of the things we’ll be priming our wallets for come 8 a.m. Last year was a doggone stylish one for Target, with gorgeous collabs from Peter Pilotto and Altuzarra, so our tails are downright wagging with excitement to see what the team has in store for 2015. Check out these seven ways we’ll be treating ourselves at this Windward Side locale in the months to come, from fashion to food to eye candy.


Why does being in the doghouse get such a bad rap? We are loving it in here.


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It will be hard to beat last year’s collabs, but next on the list is a line by Lily Pulitzer, whose signature style of cheery, floral patterns with bright colors is perfect for spring. The collection is set to hit stores in April.


Aloha Shop

All the Hawai‘i Targets have some type of Aloha Shop, but the Kailua one kicks it up a notch. It’s slightly bigger than the others, with a few more vendors: Look for Oils of Aloha and Watanabe Floral.


Local art

Target tapped local artist Leah K. Riggs to make the gorgeous Island-inspired mosaics at the parking lot entrance pergola. As part of the company’s initiative to localize the new location’s aesthetic, the store incorporates elements from the Kailua Urban Design Task Force Guidelines: decorative architectural patterns, vines, palm trees, and building materials with dark colors that blend in, including dark wood, sand-colored paint and lava rock.


Exclusive-to-Target music and movie releases

Did you know that Target regularly partners with musicians and filmmakers for exclusive-to-Target media releases? Think unreleased clips or scenes and never-before-heard tracks. The latest artists the company has hooked up with include bigwigs Taylor Swift for a deluxe edition of 1989 and Imagine Dragons for a deluxe version of Night Visions.


Local produce

The Kailua Target grocery section has all the dairy, steak, chicken and dry goods of every other store, but team leader Drew Santos says the company also enlists a local vendor for produce, which includes fruits and veggies from Hawai‘i farms whenever possible. Kamuela tomatoes with your fashion haul? Yes, please.


Easter swag

With its bright, happy color palette, abundance of baby animals and delicious candy, Easter is a close second favorite holiday (it’s hard to beat mistletoe season). Target Kailua is already stocked with Easter swag: everything from festive, colorful bags of candy to classy bunny-shaped tableware. You’ve just found your Easter party décor headquarters.



For us, shopping and food go hand in hand. Of course, the Kailua store will have the necessary Starbucks fixture (gotta have that Flat White) and the Target café for when your shop-a-thon takes you through lunch (and beyond). In the store, you’ll also find local faves such as lau lau and kālua pig. Only in Hawai‘i!


The Kailua Target grand opening is tomorrow, March 4 at 8 a.m.

345 Hahani St., Monday–Saturday, 8 a.m.–10 p.m., Sunday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m.