Take a Closer Look at a Mud Ball Designed to Clean Up Hawai‘i’s Most Polluted Waterway

The Genki Ala Wai Project aims to clean up the murky canal with probiotics and community support.
Clean up the Ala Wai


An innovative project to clean up the polluted urban waterway of Waikīkīʻs Ala Wai Canal is working with government agencies and community partners to get government approval to begin the pilot project.


Clean and safe canal in Waikiki


We asked the principals of the Genki Ala Wai Project to show us how the process works, and even toss some some of the mud balls into the Ala Wai. They continue to raise money and plan the logistics of making and distributing mud balls full of healthy bacteria to help clean up the water.


Track the progress of their ambitious goal of making the Ala Wai “swimmable and fishable in seven years” at genkialawai.org.


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Safe and clean canal water in Waikiki


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