Sweet Things

It's the season for candy and swirls, bows and boxes, and pretty ribbon curls. We found lingerie so light and sweet it's practically confectionary.

Styling and text by Kathryn Drury Wagner
Photo Credit: Rae Huo
Illustration Credit: Jess Volinski
Figure Model: Brigitte Patton/Kathy Muller Agency

Photo 1:
On the left, white cotton boy shorts ($135) and matching bra ($155), embroidered with delicate black flourishes. From Princesse Tam-tam by Allure, at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, third floor. 922-3330. A smaller selection of the line is carried also at Allure’s Ward Centre location, 593-8368.

On the right, a Betsey Johnson set ($72) includes a sweet pink chemise in dotted chiffon, with matching panties. From Macy’s on the mall level of Ala Moana Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd. 941-2345. For more locations, see macys.com.

Photo 2:
On the left, a flattering Arianne brand cami-corset ($64.95) and panty ($29.95). It’s shown in apple green, but comes in a variety of colors. From Sensually Yours, 1130 N. Nimitz Highway, Suite A112. 599-1655, or www.sensuallyours.com.

In the middle, by Princesse Tam-tam, a yellow silk camisole ($95) and matching thong ($42).

On the right, from Macy’s, a Jezebel chocolate and pink slip ($24) and bra ($24).

How to Take Care of Lingerie

The key thing to remember with lingerie is that much of it contains elastic. Bras, for example, are really “like a big rubber band,” explains Ann-Marie Krulak, sales manager in the lingerie department at Macy’s. Maintaining the elasticity is key. The average bra will only last about one year, but if you put it in the washer, it will be more like six months. In contrast, a high-quality bra, hand-washed, may last up to five years.

• Avoid wearing a bra more than twice between washings, and don’t wear the same bra two days in a row. A day in between allows the bra’s elastic to regain its shape. “You should have one bra to wear, one to wash and one ready to alternate,” says Krulak.

• Use a delicate detergent specifically made for lingerie, and one that does not contain petroleum. “It destroys lace and elastic,” Krulak notes. Try one such as Forever New, or one from an ecofriendly line, as many of those don’t use petroleum as an ingredient.

• If you must use a washing machine, be sure to clasp the hooks on the bras. Place bras and panties in a lingerie bag before washing them.

• Never use a dryer. Just pat the lingerie dry with a towel, and then allow it to air dry. Once dry, store bras flat, not cup to cup.