Surfing Goat Dairy's goat cheese martini truffles

A vodka distillery moves in next door to a goat dairy and what do you get? Goat cheese martini truffles.

Surfing Goat Dairy, in Kula, Maui, was already making goat cheese truffles, with flavors of lilikoi, strawberry balsamic and boozy ones including amaretto cherry and almond, and hazelnut and Frangelico. When Ocean Vodka—a distillery producing vodka with organic sugar cane from its own farm and Hawaii's ocean water—set up shop nearby, goat cheese martini truffles were born.

They come in a box of six: Palm Beach (pomegranate and cranberry), lilikoi, Pineapple Rose (pineapple and rosemary), Ocean's 12 (coconut and pomegranate), lavender lemonade and strawberry basil, based on cocktail recipes by Ocean Vodka.

The verdict? Not overwhelmingly boozy, the dark chocolate balanced with a pleasant tang from the goat cheese. Lilikoi and strawberry basil were favorites. A rare treat for sure, especially given the costs: $15 for a 6-piece box, plus $7.60 shipping to Oahu. 

Pick them up at the Ocean Vodka Distillery or Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui, or order online at: