Surf and Turf

Lei Chic
Every day you drive your mini compact to work, where your cramped little cubicle is two inches away from the annoying lady who wears too much Red Door. You eat your itty-bitty diet meal for lunch, then head home to the efficiency studio you share with your boyfriend, who lately has been earning his title of main squeeze.

There’s a full-on invasion of your personal space at hand. You need a hasty retreat. But where on this tiny island can  you find some new room to breathe?

You’ll feel thousands of miles away from the crowds during a weeklong Surf Into Yoga retreat led by professional surfer Rochelle Ballard. Designed to bring to life her popular Surf Into Yoga instruction video, the North Shore escape encourages a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.

Held at a lush beachfront estate, you can choose to camp out under the stars or relax in a peaceful private room. Expand your inner space with sunrise and sunset yoga sessions, and explore the open ocean with surf and stand-up paddling lessons, taught by Rochelle and professional surfer Megan Abubo. They may be pros, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be. Lessons are tailored to your level.

Three fresh cooked meals are prepared daily by a personal, organic chef. And there’s even a handful of heavenly spa treatments available, including massages and organic facials.

It's all the space you've been craving.
Plus a little room for improvement.

Surf Into Yoga Retreat, April 18 to 25, 2010, North Shore. For prices or to book a reservation, call 808.343.0616 or click here.