HONOLULU Family’s 2022 Hawai‘i Summer Programs Guide

Brush up on art, enhance your academics or tackle a STEAM project in-person or online this summer.
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Classes are out on May 26 for public school students. Then kids have nine weeks of summer break. What will they do?


Plan ahead if you want your kids to get spots in programs of their choice. HONOLULU Family wants to help! We’ve gathered details for dozens of programs. Before you start, consider these questions:


1. What are you and your children looking for?

Do they need academic help, new artistic opportunities or outdoor adventures? Talk with your keiki about what they did or didn’t like about school and past summer programs.


2. Do your research.

Consider not only the program’s content, but the logistics, including the earliest times to drop off and pick up children for in-person courses. If you are applying for an online course, make sure you know what technology and programs you will need to attend.


3. Find out when programs start accepting applications and the final date.

Spaces in some popular classes and camps fill up far before the deadline. Some programs even start accepting applications in February.


4. Will you need more than one option?

Not all programs last the entire summer. If you need several options, consider their specialties and how they can complement one another.


To get you started, here are the details for more than three dozen programs this summer.

Have fun!


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