Spotted: Lava Roses graphic men's T-shirts at I AM.

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Lava Roses T-shirts

Your man's dress has two codes: collared shirts for work and casual tees for… everything else. So far, cracking them has been Mission: Impossible.

Time to unleash your newest weapon: Lava Roses' graphic men's T-shirts, available at I AM. The line's summer styles are key to deciphering what's appropriate for those ambiguous, put-together-yet-still-casual occasions, like a weekend lunch date or company barbecue.

Securing one is simple. Infiltrate the local boutique and surveil the hip Hong Kong-based designs, like tribal-inspired geometric patterns in pops of black, green and blue. Then, sneak in a bold, primary-colored digital print or abstract brush strokes that swirl stylishly around the neckline.

Analyze them further and you'll find a slimmer, fitted cut and thicker, wrinkle-resistant polyester-blend fabric. We suggest pairing one with dark denim and clean lace-ups for a sharp outfit that doesn't scream "He's trying too hard."

You don't want him sending the wrong message.

$55 each, available at I AM., 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 111. For more information, call (808) 593-2767.

Lava Roses T-shirt