Sponsored Edition: Jean Therapy

Lei ChicYou’ve invented a new dance move. You call it: “getting into your jeans.” It’s a mix of hip wiggling, hopping, groaning and breathing strategically that you’ve been perfecting over the past few months.

But you’ve got a sinking feeling that it’s time to face the fats. You either need new pants or a serious workout intervention.

Luckily, we’ve got just the man for your blob.

Meet Ryan Pang, the man behind your new, shapelier, behind. The owner of Fitness HI, a mobile personal training company, Pang’s got a degree in exercise science, a laundry list of personal training certifications and everything you need to get your rear in gear.

Pang’s training philosophy is to keep the workouts fresh and fun. So expect each session to be different and to incorporate new elements, from cardio interspersed with circuits of strength exercises to TRX and Valslides moves. One of Pang’s favorite new cardio tools is Ropes Gone Wild, a workout in which you swing ropes in different patterns and intensities—it’s easy on the knees and great for toning your arms.

While Pang focuses mainly on personal, one-on-one training, he also runs a six-week group boot camp. Commit to this camp and every Tuesday and Thursday, from August 3 through September 9, you’ll sweat it out in Nu‘uanu Valley Park. Space is limited, so register before July 31. And, if you mention Lei Chic you get a 25 percent discount.

It’s the perfect place for your muffin top to meet its maker.

Ryan Pang, owner of Fitness HI, offers one-on-one personal training sessions and group boot camps. For more info, visit www.fitnesshi.com. Appointments and reservations for boot camps can be made by calling 808.389.9099 or emailing ryan@fitnesshi.com.