Sponsored Edition: Here Comes the Fried

Lei ChicI hit rock bottom the day they found me aimlessly riding up and down the escalators at Ward Warehouse.

It all started the night I ducked into another room to avoid my ex and his “wears a bra as a top” new girlfriend and backed up into a hottie. Three cocktails, two rounds of bar trivia, and one “your brother played soccer with my cousin” conversation later and we were in love.

But the moment the engagement ring went on our parents’ gloves came off and the bridal barrage started. “Did you book the church?” “Afternoon ceremonies are too hot.” “Outside is too messy.” “Really? THOSE colors?”

Lei Chic Not to mention that I was suddenly supposed to throw thousands of dollars at hotels, photographers, and floral designers I knew nothing about (apparently with a year out I was already WAY behind), and you can understand why Tanna discovered me stumbling around in a “deejay versus live band” daze.

Thankfully, she ushered me into an oasis. There, surrounded by the sweet sentiments of locally designed invitations and favors at The Wedding Café’s workshop, I found salvation for my planning panic.

Soon, I was knocking items off my to-do list once a week. Videographer? Cake? Flowers? Entertainment? Lei ChicCheck, check, check, check. My honeymoon plans are looking even sweeter with the money I saved with workshop deals and the 40 percent off my dream dress at The Bridal Boutique’s big sale.

My bridesmaids are even offering to come along (they’re eyeing those big beauty and food gift certificate giveaways). Any workshops I miss, I catch later on The Wedding Café’s website.

I’m once again in control of the big day. Anyone who crosses me will get the business end of my new, adorable Shop Toast dart set groomsmen gifts.

I think they’ll get the point.

The Wedding Café’s Bridal Workshops are every Wednesday through March 28. All are free, except for the Cake, Cocktails, and Catering Trends workshop on March 21.
The Semi-Annual Gown Sale is March 31, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at The Bridal Boutique, 627 South St.
Get all the details, sign up for workshops, see the full schedule, and watch videos of past workshops on The Wedding Café’s website.