Sponsored Edition: Hail to the Chefs

Lei Chic

Pop quiz time. Quick, grab a pencil and answer the following questions:

1) Have you ever eaten dessert before dinner?

2) Does your Facebook profile have more photos of food than of you?

3) Can you use brunoise in a sentence without choking?

If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations, you’re a foodie (bonus points if you checked all three.) And if you didn’t, well, you still have to eat. So either way, we’ve got the perfect event for you…

Behold, the 2nd Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, a four-day event that combines world-renowned chefs with legendary vintners for some of the tastiest bites and sips you’ll ever experience, at least until next year’s festival.

You don’t need insider connections or a reservation booked months in advance. Just hop online, peruse the 2nd Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival’s full schedule for one-of-a-kind events, pick up a ticket with the click of your mouse, and get ready to enjoy mind-blowing epicurean delights.

Lei Chic

Sample fresh, flavorful plates at “From Farm to Table: A Makahiki Festival” at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, served up by more than 20 culinary powerhouses like Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto, one of the pioneers of California cuisine, and Robert Irvine from Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible.”

Then take a culinary tour around the world, courtesy of “Cuisines of the Stars: A Magical Journey of Food & Culture” at Ko Olina Resort lagoons, led by 15 master chefs including Seamus Mullen of New York City’s Tertulia, and Dean Fearing, a.k.a. the father of Southwestern cuisine.

And, as you accept their mouth-watering offers, feel free to inquire about their latest endeavors and culinary techniques.

Or just stand there and watch them brunoise.

2nd Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, September 6-9, various locations. Tickets start at $200 for signature events. Click here to view the full schedule and purchase tickets.