Sponsored Edition: Bridal Raves

Lei ChicI had a big problem. We're not talking about the typical ''after-lunch-my-pants-are-cutting-off-my-circulation'' issue, but something that could stretch the limits of BFF bonds forever – a bridal planning session.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that the girl I used to scrape off the bar at 2 a.m. found a guy I actually liked. But two hours into her mom's last discussion of favor bags (satin versus tulle?), I was ready to use that one-and-a-half-carat-VVS2-princess-cut rock to knock myself unconscious. My plan at this Wednesday night's wedding venue workshop was to sit, smile, and nod — then escape to my own late night whine-and-wine session with the still-singles.

Lei Chic

Then it started. The introduction by owner Tanna Dang actually made me chuckle (when I wasn't obsessing over her cute boots). Another surprise was next — a great mini-concert by Ben Vegas and Maila Gibson. Just as I thought the bridal boredom was going to begin the tasting samples came out: seared ahi, crisp salads, and a whole tray of desserts. Then I started daydreaming about throwing a birthday party as big as a wedding — with decadent cake pops and tasty pupu served in front of a garden waterfall. Maybe my Mr. Right would be someone's plus-one. To make my fantasy party a reality, I'm going to snag a front seat at all the other workshops and fight for the hundreds of dollars of spa treatments, photography, videography, florals, makeup, cake design, and other gift certificates given away.

Now if only I could figure out how to get in on the gift registry action. I bet Tanna has an idea for that too.

The Wedding Cafe's Bridal Workshops are every Wednesday, January 25 to March 28. All are free, except for the Cake, Cocktail, and Catering workshop on March 21. Sign up, see the full schedule, and watch videos of past workshops on The Wedding Cafe's website.