Sneak Peek: Livestock Tavern

The owners of Lucky Belly hope to finish demolition and renovation in their space by October.

There’s just a little bit more remodeling and some demolishing before Livestock Tavern opens in October. Just as with Lucky Belly, partners Jesse Cruz and Dusty Grable are bringing back some of the original building details in their new restaurant space, where Amy’s Place used to be.


The view from the bar.


They’re exposing the brick walls and polishing the concrete; the addition of smooth metal table surfaces and tavern-like lighting gives the dining room a medieval modern-industrial vibe. (Though it might brighten up a bit once they blow out part of the walls facing Hotel Street to let in more light.)


Livestock Tavern will serve seasonal American comfort food, Grable says, and do for that genre what Lucky Belly did for casual Asian cuisine. The dishes are still a work in progress, but the Tavern's menu for Lanakila Pacific’s fundraiser The Good Table promises braised quail and spoon corn bread, beef-neck ravioli, venison with a potato and persimmon galette and a huckleberry hand pie. It's like Portland hipster meets Colonial Williamsburg. This menu, however, doesn't necessarily reflect what will be served at the Tavern. Jesse Cruz and Keith Pajinag (previously with The Modern) will helm the kitchen and Mike Nishikawa will lead the bar program.


Grable hopes to open for lunch service by the first week of October.