SMSW blog: Funny or sad?


I am forever talking about the sorry state of our education system. Often I am grabbing for straws attempting to defend my comments. Every once in a while, a gem like Sh*t my Students Write will come along to prove my point.

Most posts are absolutely hilarious; on the other hand, many of them seem to effervesce campiness to the point where they must be fake. The difficult thing about this blog is vetting if a posting is authentic or not. As a champion of education, I find myself conflicted after reading these posts. It’s totally obvious that some of the entries are from fourth graders and therefore cute. A handful of the 20 plus pages of entries are so disturbing I laugh and cry simultaneously. This example probably should have never been posted at all because it seems tacky for a teacher to make fun of someone who obviously needs help, attention and love.

I try to be empathetic and remember my educational mishaps as a kid. Still, I don’t recall being this bad because my parents would have surely killed me. Real or fake the Sh*t my Students Write Tumblog is an awesome source of mindless distraction that can take the edge of the day off and make you happy you are not the proud parents of these intellectuals.

Tell us what you think of SMSW? Should teachers be posting this stuff even if it’s anonymous? Who is to blame for the sad state of affairs in the education system? All your comments are welcome.